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  • Photo - Behnam Irani

    Behnam Irani

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    Arrested May 2011 in Iran (Islamic Republic of)

    Behnam Irani, a 41-year-old pastor from Karaj, Iran, was convicted of crimes against national ... More information

  • Photo - Tohar Haydarov

    Tohar Haydarov

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    Arrested March 2010 in Uzbekistan

    On March 9, 2010, a criminal court in Uzbekistan sentenced 27-year-old Tohar Haydarov to 10 years ... More information

  • Photo - Farshid Fathi

    Farshid Fathi

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    Arrested December 2010 in Iran (Islamic Republic of)

    Farshid Fathi was arrested on Dec. 26, 2010 in a wave of arrests of believers in Tehran and other ... More information