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  • Photo - Li Juncai

    Li Juncai

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    Arrested February 2019 in China

    Pastor Li Juncai of the Yuanyang County Central House Church in Xinxiang, Henan Province is ... More information

  • Photo - Zhang Wen Shi

    Zhang Wen Shi

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    Arrested November 2014 in North Korea

    Zhang Wen Shi, also known by his Korean name and title as Deacon Jang, is an ethnically Korean ... More information

  • Photo - Yousef Nadarkhani

    Yousef Nadarkhani

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    Arrested July 2018 in Iran (Islamic Republic of)

    Yousef Nadarkhani and three of his church members, Saheb (Zaman) Fadaee, Mohammad Ali (Yasser) ... More information