3 Ways to Pray

The first request of our persecuted Christian family is always “Pray for us!” The links below offer three ways to help you pray for faithful believers around the world who advance the gospel at any cost.

  1. Global Prayer Guide

    Book cover preview of Global Prayer Guide.

    Learn about different nations and regions around the world facing persecution and how to pray for them.

  2. Partner in Prayer with a front-line worker

    A collection of photos portraying smiling front-line workers.

    Bold believers advancing the kingdom in hostile and restricted nations have needs as varied as the places they minister and the persecution they face. However, they all share one need – prayer. Will you make a commitment to partner with one of these workers in prayer?

  3. icommittopray.com

    A laptop screen displaying the I Commit To Pray homepage.

    In this place for gathering and praying for our persecuted Christian family, read prayer requests from around the world and post your own prayers specifically for your brothers and sisters who are being persecuted.

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