Prisoners from Eritrea

  • Gebremedhin Gebregergis

    Gebremedhin Gebregergis

    Held 7,150 days in Eritrea

    Rev. Gebremedhin Gebregergis is a highly respected clergyman who served in various positions in the Eritrean Orthodox Church Patriarchate. Throughout his ministry, he was known for his humility and devotion. As the Head of Sunday School in the Orthodox Church, Rev. Gebremedhin significantly impacted the Eritrean Orthodox youth. He taught the New Testament in the local language, a significant departure from the church's traditional ancient language understood exclusively by the clergy. This opened the door to the gospel, and thousands of young people came to Christ. more info

  • Fitsum-Berhan Gebrenegus

    Fitsum-Berhan Gebrenegus

    Held 7,151 days in Eritrea

    Dr. Fitsum-Berhan Gebrenegus, an Eritrean pastor and psychiatrist, was arrested on 18 November 2004 due to his involvement in the Mekanehiwet Medhane Alem Church, a renewal movement in the Eritrean Orthodox Church. Before his arrest, he served as the most senior doctor at St Mary Psychiatric Hospital in Asmara and was the only psychiatrist in Eritrea. Dr. Fitsum helped organize the Medhane Alem movement. He is believed to be held with other Christian leaders at the Wenjel Mermera Central Criminal Investigation interrogation center, a notorious maximum-security prison in Asmara. He remains incarcerated and cannot communicate with the outside world. Dr. Fitsum is married and has one child. His wife went home to be with the Lord while he remained imprisoned. more info

  • Tekleab Mengisteab

    Tekleab Mengisteab

    Held 7,150 days in Eritrea

    In 2004, three courageous Mekanehiwet Medhane Alem Orthodox Church Fathers were arrested after leading a transformative movement within the Orthodox Church. By teaching the word of God to the youth in the local language, they opened the doors to a deeper understanding of faith, challenging the Church's traditional use of an ancient language that only the clergy could comprehend. Through their inspiring efforts, they became a gateway for many to find Christ and their legacy continues to inspire generations. more info

  • Meron Gebreselasie

    Meron Gebreselasie

    Held 7,319 days in Eritrea

    Pastor Meron Gebreselasie was arrested on June 3, 2004. Meron, also known as Million, was the pastor of Massawa Rhema Evangelical Church in Massawa, a Red Sea port city. He was also an anesthetist at Massawa Hospital. more info

  • Mussie Ezaz

    Mussie Ezaz

    Held 6,128 days in Eritrea

    Mussie Ezaz was arrested in September 2007 when Eritrean authorities came after him for his work as a youth minister with the Kale Hiwot (Word of Life) Church. He worked as an evangelist for 14 years and served with Youth for Christ for a number of years before developing a ministry to youth at the Kale Hiwot Church. Other Christians described him as a kind, generous and gifted leader. more info

  • Dr. Kiflu Gebremeskel

    Dr. Kiflu Gebremeskel

    Held 7,330 days in Eritrea

    Dr. Kiflu Gebremeskel, a leading figure of Full Gospel Church of Eritrea, founder and senior pastor of Southwest Full Gospel Church and member of the executive committee to the Full Gospel Church of Eritrea, was arrested on May 23, 2004. He was taken from his home in Asmara Gejeret, at approximately 5 a.m. Dr. Gebremeskel was a mathematics lecturer, department and faculty head at the University of Asmara until 1999, when he became a full-time pastor at the Southwest Full Gospel Church. He has a Ph.D. in mathematics from The University of Chicago. His wife and four children have not been able to visit him. more info

  • Kidane Weldou

    Kidane Weldou

    Held 7,031 days in Eritrea

    Pastor Kidane Weldou disappeared and is presumably detained by Eritrean security forces. His vehicle was found abandoned in downtown Asmara. He is a senior pastor of the Full Gospel Church and has been a leader in the church for many years. Weldou is married and has four daughters. For many days his family has been unable to learn his whereabouts. Other Full Gospel pastors still being held include Haile Nayzgi. Pastor Weldou is also a member of the executive committee of Gideons International in Eritrea. more info

  • Haile Nayzgi

    Haile Nayzgi

    Held 7,330 days in Eritrea

    During the early morning hours of May 23, 2004, Haile Nayzgi was arrested and taken to Police Station #1 in Asmara. He was the leader of Eritrea’s Full Gospel Church, which is comprised of 120 to 150 house meeting groups. The church groups were closed by government decree at a meeting with a government official on May 15, 2002. At that time the church groups were given an application form for government registration. The Full Gospel Church filled out the form and returned it to the appropriate offices, but no reply was ever received. more info