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Country Profile

Language: Urdu

Though many languages are spoken throughout Pakistan, Urdu is the official language. most people speak Pakistani churches include believers from diverse faith backgrounds, including both traditional and evangelical denominations. All Pakistani Christians face difficulty, discrimination and persecution because of their Christian identity. Some evangelicals take great risks to witness to Muslims, baptize converts and gather them into churches, and many Christians are working tirelessly to equip, encourage and educate Christian youth. Some Christians are bold in evangelizing and distributing Godís Word in radical Muslim neighborhoods and cities, some of which are home to extremist groups like the Taliban. Many Christians belong to the lower castes of society and are forced to work long hours, focusing on providing for their family. This makes Bible study and other Christian activities difficult. The majority of Pakistanis are Sunni Muslim, but there are also sizable Sufi Muslim and Hindu populations, as well as an oppressed Christian minority. Pakistanis of Christian heritage are widely persecuted by society. Family members, radical Islamist groups and the government also persecute Christians.