Write a letter to Wang Yi

This tool will allow you to communicate to imprisoned Christian brothers and sisters who may not speak English. You will be able to send encouraging letters to Wang Yi in the prisoner's native tongue.

You can choose up to 12 phrases from the dropdown below. Once you have finalized your selections, select your desired print format in step 2 to view and print this message from a new tab.

Step 1: Add Phrases

Wang Yi

Jintang Prison, Sichuan Province,

Huopan Road, Qingjiang Town,

Jintang County, Chengdu City, Sichuan Province,

Post Code: 610409

People's Republic of China

Wang Yi,

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Step 2: Print

NOTE: When printing your letter, a line that includes the site name "PrisonerAlert" may appear on the bottom of your letter. We strongly suggest that this line be removed so we do not tie your correspondence to any organization. The link may be removed either by cutting off the bottom of the page, or by making a change to your browser settings.

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