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Held 3108 days

Rhanja Masih

Arrested May 1998 in Pakistan

Released Nov. 10, 2006

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04/13/2004 Update

After eight and a half years in jail on unsubstantiated blasphemy charges, Pakistani Christian Rhanja Masih was acquitted November 10, 2006 by the Lahore High Court. Arrested in May 1998 during a Christian funeral procession, Masih had been convicted and sentenced to life in prison by a district court in April 2003. At the end of a two-hour appeal hearing on the case, Presiding Justice Asif Saeed Khan Khausa ruled that the lack of any solid evidence against Masih required him to issue a complete acquittal. VOM has provided financial assistance to Rhanja's family during his imprisonment, and his wife expressed gratitude to all who had prayed for them and taken action on Rhanja’s behalf.

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