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Held 1951 days

Parvez Masih

Arrested April 2001 in Pakistan

Released Aug. 4, 2006

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Even though Parvez Masih has been released from prison and acquitted of blasphemy charges, he has been living in hiding. Pray for his safety. Parvez indicated that his social life has been reduced to nothing since shots were fired at his brother in July. He told Assist News Service, I am forced to stay in hiding. I cannot move in any public place. Fearing attacks by the fundamentalist Muslims, even my relatives have abandoned me and they no longer entertain me.

Parvez Masih, was the headmaster of a Christian school near Lahore, Pakistan when some of his students asked him if it was true that Mohammed had a nine-year-old wife. Parvez graciously mentioned her name, "Aisha," and told them to ask their religious leaders (Mullahs). On April 1, 2001 he was arrested and accused of violating Law 295C, blaspheming Mohammed as a result of the testimonies of two of the boys. It is believed that a teacher of a rival high school was involved in an attempt to close this rival school. Attacks on Christians in Pakistan include the elements of ignorance, greed, anger and misinformation. Parvez continues to be held in prison and appears in session court as required but has not yet been sentenced. His family is able to visit him twice a month. Please pray Parvez will be acquitted of these charges and for safety while he is in custody.

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