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Held 126 days

Carlos Lamelas

Arrested February 2006 in Cuba

Released June 26, 2006

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12/14/2006 Update

03/30/2007 Update

After being held for more than four months at the La Villa Marista Detention Center, Pastor Carlos Lamelas was unexpectedly released when his family went for their weekly 15 minute visit. Informed of the change in procedure, Carlos was able to go home with his family. However, he has been forbidden to preach in public on this Island nation that many Cubans refer to as a prison with bars of water. While he was in prison he received over 260 letters from 15 different countries. Send a letter to his home and encourage Carlos, wife Uramis and daughters Estefania and Daniela.

An ordained pastor with the Church of God (Anderson, Indiana, USA) for more than 10 years, Pastor Carlos Lamelas was arrested February 20, 2006, at his home in Havana, Cuba. The police officers who entered the home searched it thoroughly and confiscated a computer, personal documents and other office equipment before arresting Carlos. More than a month later, the authorities informed Carlos' attorney he was charged with helping people illegally escape from Cuba.

Carlos started many house churches while serving as a local pastor on The Isle of Youth. After being elected national president of the General Assembly of ministers for the denomination, he moved his family to Havana in 2004. He was re-elected to this position at the annual convention later that year. His troubles with the government may have began when he refused to sign a loyalty pledge to the Castro regime because he felt their control of the church was unconstitutional.

Pastor Lamelas is married and has two daughters. Without a source of income, this family has had to depend on their friends for support. Police detained Pastor Carlos twice for questioning before the February arrest.

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