Mua Say So

Released Mar 1, 2006

Held 1,065 days  Arrested April 2003 in Vietnam

Prisoner Details

In 2002, police and militia burst into Mua Say So’s home and beat and tortured his four married brothers in front of their families. His younger brother, Mua Bua Senh, died after he was beaten twice mercilessly. Seeking justice for his brother’s murder, So tried to petition the government. He photographed his brother lying in the coffin along with a sign that said, “Beaten to death because of following the gospel.” Because of this action, he was later arrested and charged with the murder. During his hearing in April 2003, Mua Say So was sentenced to three years in prison for murdering his brother and for falsely accusing the police. He lost his house, and his wife fled with their children to a safe area.

While in prison, he has been forced to break rocks for construction projects. He also has had to plant vegetables. The prisoners are given only two meals a day, consisting of two bowls of rice with vegetables and salt. Families that are able take food to the prisoners to supplement their diet and maintain their health.

Mua Say So is not allowed to pray over his food. The police told him if he would deny God, he would be released. He continues to stand firm in his faith, following Jesus.

Petition Officials

  • Truong Tan Sang

    President of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam

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  • Pham Quang Vinh


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    Embassy of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam

    1233 20th Street NW, Suite 400

    Washington, DC 20036

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    Telephone: 202-861-0737

    Fax: 202-861-0917


  • Nguyen Phuong Nga

    Permanent Representative of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam to the United Nations

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    Socialist Republic of Vietnam to the United Nations

    866 United Nations Plaza, Suite 435

    New York, N.Y. 10017

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    Telephone: 212-644-0594

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