Gebremedhin Gebregergis

Held 7,130 days  Arrested November 2004 in Eritrea

Prisoner Details

Rev. Gebremedhin Gebregergis is a highly respected clergyman who served in various positions in the Eritrean Orthodox Church Patriarchate. Throughout his ministry, he was known for his humility and devotion. As the Head of Sunday School in the Orthodox Church, Rev. Gebremedhin significantly impacted the Eritrean Orthodox youth. He taught the New Testament in the local language, a significant departure from the church's traditional ancient language understood exclusively by the clergy. This opened the door to the gospel, and thousands of young people came to Christ.

Rev. Gebremedhin has been in prison since November 19, 2004, for his faith in Christ. During his imprisonment, his wife, the mother of his six children, passed away in 2022.

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